Constipation cures, cures for constipation, easier if you know constipation causes.

Constipation cures, you need eat more vegitable and fruits, also, be careful of using traditional constipation treatment, it may harm your body.

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Constipation cures-how to completely cure constipation.

Process of digestive and physiological defecation.

Food go through the stomach get into the small intestine to be digested, nutrients is absorbed in the small intestine. The leftovers after absorb will be pushed into the large intestine, intestinal mucosa will secrete mucous, with the water absorbed, lubricates feces and food. Harmful substances in food residue and digested feces was pushed down by the intestine to anus excrete from the body. Intestinal probiotics have the decomposition of feces and garbage function, it is the intestinal scavenger and also probiotics can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Constipation Causes:

Intestinal peristalsis slow, lack of intestinal motility, intestinal mucosal mucus secretion reduced, intestinal dry, is not conducive to operation and discharged stool in the intestinal tract. The intestinal flora disturbance, beneficial bacteria reduced, can't decompose feces.

Usually there's two ways to solve the problem of constipation: the first kind is a laxative malignant stimulate intestinal move to defecate; second is to make the intestinal recovery of physiological defecation, let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two way.

Malignant stimulate intestinal defecation can be harmful to your body.

Cassia seed, rhubarb, Senna, Gouda tablets (phenolphthalein) are malignant laxative, main function is malignant stimulate intestinal dehydration, but make the food and feces filled with plenty of water.

At the same time malignant stimulate intestinal peristalsis, defect will be filled with too much water, and was quickly pushed to the anus to lash, this way defecation make you feel bad and out of your control, because laxatives make intestine dehydrated and malignant stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so you will have strong abdominal pain and diarrhea, also the food was not well digested, nutrition is not absorbed, food is wasted.

Because laxatives malignant stimulate intestine, not like fruits and vegetables can help to restore intestinal physiological defecation, so eating laxatives to help defecation for a while, if you don't eat you laxatives, you will have constipation and laxatives will cause dependence. Long term use of laxatives will cause intestinal melanosis cause cancer.

To restore intestinal Physiological defecation is the most effective way to thoroughly cure constipation, ways to recover intestinal physiological defecation:

1) Softening the stool, lubricate the intestine.

Drink plenty of water and eat food which can make the intestinal tract mucous, eat food which can keep stool and intestinal tract lubrication, make stool easy to slide. Pumpkin can effectively make the intestinal mucus secretion to lubricate the intestine.

2) Speed gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerated defecation.

Eat food which contains fiber can improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis speed, the European Commission community food science recommended: per person per day intake 30 grams of dietary fiber. Exercise can also improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis speed.

Food which content highest food fiber.

1 Poria Cocos (80.9 grams)

2 Hawthorn (dry) (49.7 g)

3 Dictyophora indusiata (dry) (46.4 g)

3) Decomposition old defect, intestinal detoxification.

Bifid bacterium and other beneficial bacteria can decompose the stool, inhibit the growth of harmful intestinal pH low bacteria. yogurt have plenty of bifid bacteria, you can drink yogurt to supplement beneficial bacteria to your intestine.

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