Constipation symptoms or symptoms of constipation.

Signs of constipation.

Constipation isn't a disease, it is a common clinical symptom complex.

Constipation in the population prevalence rate of 27%, but only a small part of the constipation will visit clinic. Constipation can affect people of all ages. More in women than men, older than young and middle age. Due to the high occurrence of constipation, complex etiology, patients often have a lot of distress, seriously affect the quality of life in constipation.

Constipation usually: seldom have discharge intention, less frequency; difficult defecation, dry stool, hard stool, laborious; poor bowel; abdominal pain and defecating unfinished feeling; constipation accompanied by discomfort or abdominal pain. Some patients also accompanied by irritability, dreams, insomnia, anxiety depression and other psychological disorders.

Because constipation is a common symptoms, symptoms varying, severity different, most people don't take care of constipation, think it is not a disease, but in fact constipation can cause great harm. Constipation "alarm" signs include blood in the stool, anemia, weight loss or obesity, fever, black stools, abdominal pain, also can have cancer in family history. If an alarm signs occurs, you should immediately go to the hospital for further examination.