Constipation in children, the causes of constipation in children, constipatoin in babies diagnostic and treatment.

How to take care of constipation in children.

Use constipation relief pad, stick on the children's navel, don't need any laxatives, solve constipation problems fast and effective, should be your best choice for constipation.

Constipation in children (refer to child between 3 to 12 years old).

Constipation is common in children, for many reasons, summed up can be divided into two categories, a generic functional constipation can be cured through conditioning; another congenital intestinal malformations lead to general conditioning cannot be healed; Indigestion is a common cause of constipation in infants and children, general conditioning can be improved through diet. Diet conditioning including don't eat palm partially hydrolyzed protein formula milk and so on.

Constipatoin in Children causes:

1. Intestinal flora imbalance:

Stool closely related to the composition of the food children intake. Such as foods containing a lot of protein, but carbohydrate deficiency, secondary intestinal flora changes, intestinal fermentation process become less, stool is alkaline, dry; if the food contains more carbohydrates, intestinal fermentation bacteria increase, fermentation increase, stool is acidic, stool more often and soft. This situation is due to the child's parents did not pay attention to science diet, or caused by anorexia children picky eating.

2. Intestinal dysfunction:

Don't have good life habits, parents did not develop the correct bowel habits for the baby, will lead to the formation of incomplete defecation reflex conditions, which led to constipation in children. Some congenital intestinal diseases, such as congenital megacolon and anal fissure, anal stenosis and other diseases can also cause constipation in children.

More important is when the baby has light symptoms of constipation, such as long-term use enema enemas, or at school the teachers do not take care of them good, long children hold constipation, can cause intestinal muscle weakness, functional disorders and constipation. Another sympathetic dysfunction, muscle weakness or paralysis often cause constipation in children.

3. Weak stomach:

This is the most common cause of constipation in children, you will find baby food plot, such as anorexia and so on.

In Chinese medical theory constipation is due to stomach deficiency, qi deficiency. If spleen and stomach problems are not resolved, the constipation in children can naturally occur repeatedly.

Constipation in children is harmful to the health:

Japanese scholars Iino festival husband in the "Children's Diet and Brain" indicate that children with constipation will become "dull."

He found that in his studies, children aged 2 to 6 with long-term constipation, can have poor concentration, lack of patience, snooze, like crying, unresponsive to external changes, very quiet and does not love to make friends.

However, after treated with medication, a few days after the stool smooth, the mood can be improved, "stupid" and other alleviate reactions can be reduced.

However, most of these children will have constipation again and quickly restored to its original kind of "stupid" was.

He believes that regular constipation, bloating, children will feel discomfort, but this cannot express their discomfort, cannot cause the attention of parents, their attention focused on excessive discomfort of constipation, it would be rather indifferent to external things " dull. "

He believes that constipation in children mostly caused by significant changes in diet and life. Those who did not accept breastfeeding, diet mostly milk, sugar-based, they do not pay attention to add beneficial bowel food supplement, often in infancy produce constipation.

To early childhood, Children's terms of commercial food-based soft fine eater, constipation is more serious.

Irregular sleep easy constipation

Childhood spoiled, lack of regular sleep, especially at night don't sleep, sleep during the day, has the most possibility to constipation. In addition, lack of timing (especially morning) defecation were also ready to get constipation.

For constipation and "dull" children become smart and lively up, first cure constipation. After the children's parents find child have chronic constipation, must fully understand the harmful to the health of children, especially constipation adverse effects on children's mental or emotional.

After the exclusion of congenital and acquired educational factors physiological factors should watch child defecation carefully.

Constipation in children pathological factors:

  • 1. Food is not enough: when children eat too little, after digestion, gut less slag, reducing stool; insufficient milk sugar lead to dry stools; inadequate diet for long period, causing malnutrition abdominal muscles, intestinal muscle thin, less tension, creeping weakness, resulting in intractable constipation.

  • 2. Food is not suitable for children: constipation and food ingredients are closely related, such as excessive protein content and lack of carbohydrates in food, intestinal fermentation become less affecte fermentation, so that the stool is alkaline, dry cause constipation.

  • Foods (such as milk) containing large amounts of casein, contain dissolved calcium soap-induced feces increase in stool, lead to constipation easily.

  • 3. Bowel dysfunction: Because life and irregular bowel movements, defecation reflex dispear or weakened; intestinal muscle relaxation lead to constipation. Some make the intestinal muscle tension weakened or abnormal sympatheticdys function drugs or disease, and can lead to constipation.

  • 4. Genetic and physiological defects: some children constipation after born. Have a family history may be related to genetic factors.

  • 5. mental factors: sudden mental stimulation, such as life-changing environment may lead to short-term constipation.

Constipation in children diagnosis:

If child continue four days or more without stool, while have stool, the stool is quite hard and in this case, constipation can be diagnosed. According to statistics, China's urban children (under 12 years) accounted for 19.8% of constipation, that is, about every five children have one have constipation problem.

Constipation in children treatment:

Enema :

1. First time enema dose can be increase appropriately (200 ~ 500mL according to children's age), repeatedly until the empty gut lavage;

2. After first time enema, 250mL saline enema daily after breakfast or after dinner, first two weeks, 250mL per 1 day, the third and fourth week 250mL, every other day, the fifth and sixth week, 100mL every other day, the 7th and 8th weeks, 50mL every other day, gradually stop enema specifically.

While enema operation, pay attention not to hurt the patient, watch out systemic reactions, children complexion, intake and output fluid color during the process, if abnormal should immediately stop lavage and give appropriate treatment.

Adjust the diet:

Give children and their family’s right dietary guidance: eating rich fiber contain food, laxative effect food, increased water intake. Before going to bed and early morning make patient child drink honey water, before breakfast while stomach empty can eat an apple, and then eat milk with sesame walnut oatmeal, eat more staple food, eat less snacks, eat more yogurt.

Training in bowel habits (DHP):

1. Schedule: stomach and colon reflected mainly through "early postprandial response" and "late postprandial response" do pediatric defecation.

Method: toilet training, train the child potty 5 ~ 10min after drinking or breakfast 30min in the morning daily, the toilet should be appropriate height so that your knees higher than the hips, feet should touch the ground to use strength, and learn to defecation, imagine stool movement in intestine, avoid long-squatting defecation, sedentary and strong efforts on defecation lead to fatigue.

Write bowel diary, accurate records of enema and bowel frequency, the amount, character, laborious degree feces, toilet time, whether assisted defecation, fecal pollution, watch the process to improve the situation.

Encourage the child while treatment, even if unsuccessful defecation should not blame the child.

Constipatoin in children home remedies:

Abdominal massage can relieve the symptoms of constipation, specific methods: use palm clockwise massage the child's abdomen, 1 to 2 times a day, every time massage three minutes.

You can also give the child a cup of salt water to drink every morning, increase intestinal peristalsis, to help constipation treatment.

If the children crying because of constipation make she or him uncomfortable, when parents can cut a small strip of soap, put a little bit water, hand-dipped in some twisted cylindrical, inserted into the child's anus.

You can also use the little finger to wear rubber gloves put some Vaseline or paraffin oil, inserted into the anus of the child, or use commercially enema laxative. However, these methods should not be used normally, first priority is form good timely bowel habits.

The best way is to timely medical treatment, the parents avoid using improper methods and methods of hearsay, and do not scared to see doctors, a child's intestinal tract is extremely fragile, do not miss the best treatment time.

Constipation in children best natrual herbal remedies-Constipation Relief pad:

Herbal natural constipation remedies should be the best choice for constipation in children, try constipation relief diet like fresh vegetables, fruits contain dietary fiber -rich foods, drink plenty of water first.

Constipation relief pad is made by Chinese herbs, plants, no side effect, will release your intestine within 2 hours, get rid of old excrement in the intestine with 2 hours, no hard time at all, you will not feel any discomfort like any other laxative, child is hard to bear those bad taste of laxative, this constipation relief pad can be the best choice.

Cut 1/4 to 1/2 of one piece of constipation relief pad, stick to the child's navel, every 24 to 48 hours change to another one, try 1/4 piece first, within 2 hours, the child will go to restroom without any discomfort, try, you will see it works like magic!