Severe constipation symptoms.

Severe constipation treatment.

Constipation relief pad can be your best choice.

Severe constipation, no matter it is acute or chronic, treated promptly, otherwise cause complications mentioned below, could be worse.

1. Bloating

Bloating or severe pain, can sometimes happen at the lower left abdomen which could result from too much gas inside your body, made by traditional enteric microorganism which break down fiber from the stool stuck in the colon. The left of the abdomen is distended, touch left abdomen and you can feel it.

2. Lazy Colon

Lazy colon doesn't take action the stool in the colon, and gastro-colic reflex that ordinarily stimulate the laxation while food enters the abdomen. Usually even laxatives don't facilitate.

This poor colon activity could result from laxatives abuse (use too much), suspending viscous movements or prolonged bed rest. You frequently don't feel the urge to discharge.

Lazy colon may be an equivalent word for severe chronic constipation, doesn't mean a permanent colon impairment. You’ll accomplish relief solely by eliminating all potential causes of constipation, and controlee with acceptable diet and active life habit.

3. Irregularity

In irregularity, a solid stool sticks in your colon and you'll not expel it by your natural effort.

It usually happens in previous bed rid patients, however can even have an effect on different adults or kids with chronic constipation or those taking opiates or dolphin hydrochloride.

A meal with an outsized quantity of cereals while not drinking enough fluid can also lead to irregularity. In infants, rice cereals with milk may well be the cause.

Sensation of fullness or pain within the body part, urge to make, abdominal discomfort, cramping, nausea and frequent urge to urinate area unit main symptoms.

Clear stool could accidentally pass wedged stool; this is often referred to as self-contradictory diarrhea. You’ll feel a tough lump once you press deeply upon the lower left a part of your abdomen.

Sometimes you'll take away the stool piece by piece employing a finger, or a doctor will do thus below native or anesthesia.

Forceful emission laborious stool isn't suggested since your opening will tear.

Water irrigation employing a flexible sigmoidoscopic is usually necessary. Glycerin suppositories or phosphate or reside dicot genus oil irrigation can also be used. Stool chemical, as docusate, could facilitate pass the stool. If impaction is higher within the colon.

AN oral resolution containing synthetic resin glycol (as employed in colonoscopy preparation) may be used rigorously below doctor management. Rarely, operative removal of wedged stool is needed.

Fiber laxatives, like Metamucil, is also used as interference of impaction. Examine foods that cause constipation.

4. Obstruction

Obstipation is severe constipation caused by obstruction, which can be acute or chronic, partial or complete. Constipation, abdominal distension, painful cramps and ejection area unit main symptoms.

Obstruction of the gut is also caused by a polyp, cancer, connective tissue (adhesions or strictures) developed when surgery or inflammation, pathology (intestine twist upon itself – birth defect found in infants), intussusception (telescoping, once one a part of gut slips into adjacent part; found in infants and young children), hernia, gallstones or foreign bodies. Sure diseases, like scleroderma, lupus or illness, will have an effect on motility of the colonic wall.

Ultrasound will observe excessive stool at intervals the gut. Irregularity must be resolved quickly by operation to stop viscous perforation, hemorrhage or infection.

5. Body part Prolapse

Rectal prolapse is protrusion of a locality of the body part through the anal gap throughout the laxation. It always happens in previous folks with chronic constipation United Nations agency have week girdle floor muscles and strain throughout the laxation.

Full-thickness body part prolapse sometimes causes constipation, whereas partial prolapse involving solely the body part lining doesn't. Bulking laxatives or stool softeners could forestall aggravation of prolapse, however typically a surgery is important.

6. Rectocele

A vaginocele, principally occurring in girls when climacteric, means that bulging of the body part forward toward the duct. It happens when significant canal delivery or constant lifting of significant hundreds.

The stool is also at bay within the bulge. A doctor will observe this bulge throughout a canal and body part examination.

Kegel exercises to strengthen muscles of girdle floor could facilitate in gentle cases (2). If a vaginocele protrudes through the duct, surgery is sometimes necessary.

7. Anal Fissure

An anal fissure may be a tear of the anal membrane occurring throughout forced passage of enormous and laborious stool. When the tear, you'll feel severe pain lasting for many hours, and you'll notice blood on the stool or toilet paper.

Pain and hemorrhage throughout the viscous movements could persist for many weeks. Ask a Doctor on-line now!


Warm sits baths for 10-20 minutes few times every day truthfulness anal muscles.

Stool softeners modify soft passage of the stool.

Local analgesic creams relieve the pain.

A tear sometimes heals utterly in few weeks on its own, however typically surgery is needed.

Repeated injury of the sphincter by laborious laxation could result in patulous (widened, spreading) opening with diminished sphincter tone; a surgical repair is needed during this case.

8. Chronic Hemorrhoids

Chronic hemorrhoids area unit common complication of chronic constipation.

Treatment includes diet made in fiber and fluid, physical activity, sits baths, anti-hemorrhoid and analgesic creams. Chromatic hardened hemorrhoids with extreme anal pain and tenderness could result from obstructed hemorrhoids, during which a blood kind within the Anal veins; a pressing surgical removal of a clot is needed.

9. Non-Intestinal Complications incontinency or infection or incomplete water excretion area unit usually connected with constipation wherever the body part is choked with laborious stool.

Heavy straining could trigger coronary failure or stroke. Holding breath and exerting raises the pressure within the cavity, preventing the blood from the veins to enter the center.

Once the breath is discharged, the pressure at intervals the chest drops and also the blood having being at bay at intervals the veins is quickly propelled through the center, leading to exaggerated rate and pressure level.

Shortly thenceforth, the center rate reflexively slows down, what could trigger a coronary failure in vulnerable persons.

By a similar mechanism, suddenly exaggerated so belittled blood flow within the brain could lead to stroke or transient anemia attack (TIA). To boot, a blood is also dislodged from arteriosclerosis brain arteries leading to stroke.

These area unit 2 causes of not thus rare “toilet deaths” principally occurring in previous folks with severe coronary-artery disease. Squatting position throughout the laxation greatly reduces a necessity for straining.

Severe constipation treatment.

1. Get medical treatment in time.

Although constipation is a common health condition, when it is not serious, it can be healed without going to the doctor. But if three weeks constipation still don't become better, you need to see a doctor. Because of persistent constipation may be caused by serious digestive system failure.

When the following situations should go see docotr immediately:

When you've never suffered from constipation, this time constipation is very serious.

When there's blood in the stool.

When you bleed during defecation often.

When you lose weight suddenly.

2. Glycerin rectal suppositories.

Such suppositories can absorb water into the rectum. 15 minutes to 1 hour after normal use, will defecation. But suppositories is not often used, can only be used in emergency situations. When used in strict accordance with the instructions.

3. Using salt (permeability) laxative.

When you have health problems like high blood pressure and kidney problems, you can't take salt, please do not take this laxative.

Osmotic laxatives include Serta oral bowel care agents, magnesium oxide emulsion, lactulose oral solution, Miramax granules and other constipation laxatives. These laxatives does not irritate the colon, causing dependence. The stimulant laxatives will cause dependence.

4. Stimulant laxatives.

For example, yellow phenolphthalein chocolate chewable tablets (Ex-Lax) can relieve constipation. But this type of laxative use only in emergency situations, and would like to compliance. Long-term use this kind of laxatives can lead to dependency, lead to constipation.

5. Learn painkillers.

Analgesics, particularly narcotic, such as hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lorcet and Norco) and oxycodone (Percocet and OxyContin) will cause constipation. But if you really need to take painkillers also relieve constipation, consult a doctor, to find a suitable solution.

6. Our constipation relief pad can be your best choice.

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